• Perkins Construction Inc.

“Perkins Construction has had the pleasure of working with Ideal Demolition on numerous projects for clients such as the Idaho National Guard, Boise State University, and JC Penny.
We have always found them to be reliable, honest, and efficient. They understand the importance of staying on schedule and within budget.
Without reservation, we would recommend this contractor to you for any of your demolition needs.


James Cliff - Project Manager”


  • Starr Corporation

“Starr Corporation recently contracted with Ideal Demolition for the asbestos abatement and structural demolition of a three story building adjacent to an occupied elementary school building. Prior to awarding the project to Ideal Demolition, Starr Corporation reviewed Ideal Demolition's credentials and their reputation. Their reputation and previous experience led us to accept their low bid and to contract with them for this project. Ideal Demolition upheld their reputation throughout the project and displayed their experience and professionalism by completing this scope of work on schedule while maintaining the safety of their employees, the students and the community.


Jason Derricott - Project Manager”


  • George Miller

“ ’When we were looking for a demolition company to take down our old warehouse, we were told to check out Ideal Demolition. They exceeded our expectations. Their attention to detail and project management is outstanding.’

George Miller - Jackson Hole, Wyoming”


  • Sam Wilson

‘Ideal Demolition was very professional and had the expertise we needed on our demolition project. They handled everything from start to finish. I would recommend Ideal Demolition whole heartedly!'

Sam Wilson - Boise, Idaho"